An exclusive focus on venture capital

We invest in three distinct categories: venture funds of all stages, early and growth stage companies alongside our managers, and secondary opportunities. Each investment category informs the other, helping us capture powerful data, all while furthering our goal of building trusted relationships with venture managers and founders. Our funds incorporate one or more investment categories, each optimized for clients’ specific objectives.

Fund Investments

As a fund investor, we focus on identifying and gaining meaningful access to highly differentiated fund managers. We back established and emerging seed, early stage and growth equity firms across multiple geographies and industries. Post-investment, we are committed to adding meaningful value through our dedicated Portfolio Impact Program.

Direct Investments

Leveraging deep relationships and rich data assets, we invest in early and growth stage companies backed by our underlying managers. At the growth stage, we target companies with revenue of at least $10 million and often serve as a lead investor. As an early stage investor, we serve as a flexible syndicate partner to a small group of trusted manager relationships, typically participating in Series A or Series B financing rounds.

Secondary Investments

We employ a flexible approach to secondary investing, with the ability to serve as a liquidity provider to management teams and employees of later stage companies, as well as institutions and General Partners looking to exit or restructure their interest in venture capital funds. Information advantages gleaned through our primary fund and direct investments help us effectively diligence, price and structure a broad range of opportunities.

Impact Investments

As an active impact investor, we offer a dedicated strategy that seeks to generate strong returns through investments in funds and companies with the ability to provide meaningful social, environmental and/or societal impact. Thematic verticals of focus include sustainability, healthcare, education technology, financial technology and the collaborative economy. Our screening process marries rigorous investment due diligence with impact-oriented analyses.

Bespoke Solutions

We have extensive experience working with large institutions to build bespoke venture solutions. Our expertise and resources allow us to customize portfolios across investment type, geography, stage or industry vertical.