Our Venture Capital Investment Solutions

Diversified Funds

  • Portfolios comprised of established and emerging venture capital funds, direct investments across a company’s full lifecycle and secondary positions.
  • Fund component weighted towards managers that are largely inaccessible to most investors given their historical outperformance and small fund sizes.
  • Direct investments are pursued selectively alongside managers.
  • Consistent execution of the same investment strategy since 2000.
  • Longstanding history of developing bespoke strategies to assist institutional clients with their specific investment needs.

Direct Investment Funds

  • Investments alongside managers in growth stage opportunities or early stage opportunities.
  • Outbound and inbound sourcing strategy, leverages deep manager relationships and data assets.
  • Portfolio targets sector exposure to promising information technology, healthcare and communications companies.

Secondary Funds

  • Portfolios are composed of secondary interests in venture capital funds and direct secondary investments.
  • Informational advantage gleaned through primary fund commitments and direct investments allows us to effectively diligence, price and structure promising transactions.
  • Target a variety of structures, transaction types and sizes to promote robust deal flow.

Impact Oriented Funds

  • Commitments to funds seeking strong returns through investments in companies with the ability to provide meaningful social, environmental and/or societal impact.
  • Thematic verticals of focus include sustainability, healthcare, education technology, financial technology and the collaborative economy.
  • Screening process marries proven investment due diligence with impact-oriented analyses.