Our values at Greenspring Associates reflect who we are and what we stand for as an organization, and, as such, we strive to create an environment that both builds and maintains trust with our Limited Partners, General Partners, Entrepreneurs and colleagues. Our vision is to create a better world by financing the global innovation economy and we feel that being good corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate and live is a key tenet of that vision.

Core Values


Trust is Greenspring’s north star. We work with the highest level of integrity and transparency to build trusted relationships with Limited Partners, General Partners, entrepreneurs and each other.


We have shared purpose and a culture of collaboration. We work energetically, devotedly and diligently together because it benefits the organization, leads to better results and offers a greater sense of belonging to us all.


We view setbacks as temporary and adversity as an opportunity to learn and evolve. We value our work as a way of life, combining perseverance and passion to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives.

Emotional Intelligence

We exercise social awareness and humanity so that others enjoy partnering with us.


We celebrate the achievements of others, foster a culture of constant improvement and are grateful for the opportunities we have to work with our trusted Limited Partners, General Partners, portfolio companies and employees.


We are committed to an internal culture that combines our mission with a collegial and entrepreneurial atmosphere, offers our colleagues the opportunity to be challenged and grow doing work they feel good about, values the team over the individual and rewards contributions to society. We encourage all Greenspring colleagues to take active involvement within their communities by sponsoring regular community service outings we refer to as Give Back Days. We have supported nearly 100 organizations in the last several years and individual members of the Firm are actively involved in a number of philanthropic causes. 

A Selection of Organizations We Support:


Greenspring adheres to a formalized ESG Policy and our investment strategy broadly incorporates environmental and social considerations as it relates to the venture capital investment environment and our investments in portfolio companies and investment funds. Prior to investing, as part of our due diligence process, Greenspring Associates asks prospective fund managers and portfolio companies to complete ESG Questionnaires specific to the investment type, as well as on an annual basis following investment. In addition, ESG considerations are incorporated in our operational due diligence (“ODD”) procedures and are included as a primary area in the ODD Questionnaire requested from prospective fund managers prior to investment.


We are committed to doing well by doing good and are proud to be a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). In keeping with our commitment to the PRI, Greenspring Associates investment staff completed a mandatory course to raise awareness of ESG issues and inspire investors to take proactive measures to integrate sustainability principles into their research, diligence and ultimate investment decisions. We expect to continue providing our investment team with educational opportunities on a regular basis in the future.


As an active impact investor, we offer a dedicated strategy that seeks to generate strong returns through investments in funds and companies with the ability to provide meaningful social, environmental and/or societal impact. Thematic verticals of focus include sustainability & agriculture technology, health and wellness, education technology, financial technology and the collaborative economy. Our screening process marries rigorous investment due diligence with impact-oriented analyses.

Sustainability & Agriculture Technology

Protect and preserve the world’s resources through investments in technologies that address global energy and resource challenges

Health & Wellness

Foster improved patient access, care and quality of life of both patients and caregivers; support innovations that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives

Education & Technology

Transform how education is sourced, delivered and consumed; reduce costs of access; generate stronger educational outcomes and higher quality learning

Financial Technology

Create efficiencies and reduce overall costs in the financial system; democratize access to financial tools and technologies, provide greater financial resources to underserved populations

Collaborative Economy

Uncover new business models and foster technologies that empower individuals, workers and society by unlocking value from shared physical and human resources

Greenspring considers broad ESG principles as outlined in this Responsible Investing summary; however the firm does not directly consider “adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors” as contemplated by European Union Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on Sustainability-Related Disclosures in the Financial Sector at this time. Greenspring may adopt further measures which take into account adverse impacts of investment decisions in this context.